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Scientists Have Decided The Optimal Times To Eat All Of Your Meals And Of Course They Couldn't Be More Wrong


How about being the model only used for the fat diet pictures? Brutal


(Source) All slimmers want to maximise their potential weight loss by eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones. According to research, however, the key to success lies in the timing of meals. A survey has pinpointed the best times to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner if you want to shed as many pounds as possible. The optimum time to have breakfast is shortly after 7am, with 7.11am picked as ideal. Lunch is best enjoyed earlier rather than later with the key time between 12.30pm and 1pm – 12.38pm being spot on. Leaving dinner later than 7pm can be ruinous for diets – the best time is between 6pm and 6.30pm, with 6.14pm the best. The timings come from a new survey by the diet company Forza Supplements, which asked 1,000 slimmers when was the best time to eat to maximise weight loss.

The research revealed 84 per cent of dieters think sticking to defined mealtimes is crucial for people who want to lose weight. A further 76 per cent said breakfast was the most important meal of the day – and eating it daily had helped them cut calories. ‘It’s quite sweet she won’t touch her food until exactly 6.14′ Three-quarters of those polled said they had benefited by having a light lunch – and never skipping a midday meal. Dinner must be eaten early to maximise weight loss because people are less active in the evening – meaning extra calories are more likely to turn to fat. Two-thirds of slimmers recommended eating dinner before 7pm. Most dieters – 72 per cent – said the key was not to exceed their lunchtime calorie intake at dinner – so they have even calorie intake throughout the day.
Well way to go scientists. Just planning our every move down to a T. Let’s all become robots and lose a shit load of weight and then there won’t be any fat people to make fun of and make ourselves feel better! YAY! Fuck off guys. I don’t care about optimal times, I live in reality, where most people eat like this.
Scientists Say – 7:11 AM
Real World Says – 20 minutes after you wake up, or if you’re drunk at 3 am. If you wake up specifically to eat at 7:11 am you’re an asshole, and you know for a fact a bunch of fat women are going to do just that after this study.
Also I don’t know about anyone else but I use the whole “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to my advantage. Meaning I eat 3-4 bowls of sugar cereal to get the engine properly fueled. If you tell me something is important I will multiply it by 4 to make sure I reach maximum efficiency.
Scientists Say – 12:38 pm
Real World Says – That’s WAYYYYY too late. Even back when I was working a real 9-5 job I wouldn’t do lunch past Noon. Eat when you’re hungry and if you’re a normal person that’s usually sometime in the 11 oclock hour. In reality though the minute you get to the office it’s basically a mental test to see how long you can hold off on eating your lunch. It’s like having sex with a girl. If you don’t give a fuck about the girl and don’t mind jizzing in 30 seconds you’ll eat your lunch at 10:00 AM. My personal record was 9:55. Yes, I once said fuck it and ate my lunch before 10 oclock in the morning. It felt great too. Live how you want.
Afternoon Snack
Scientists Say – Don’t eat that
Real World Says – Grazing period starts at 2 pm and ends at 5. The important part here is to space it out and never eat a full meal. Just take a bunch of small bites for 3 hours straight and you’ll never realize you actually ate 2,000 calories. At my old office there would routinely be some sort of communal cake or chex mix in the kitchen. I would basically take small slices for 3 hours straight fully knowing that I essentially ate an entire cake but really I didn’t because it was spaced out properly.
Scientists Say – 6:14
Real World Says – Whenever the game or good TV show is on. That’s basically how I judge my dinner. If the Bulls or Hawks are playing at 6 I’ll eat then, if they’re on a west coast trip I’ll eat 830 or 9. It’s a total feel thing. No one can eat dinner at the same time every night, don’t box me in, I can’t live in a cage.
Late Night Snack
Scientists Say – Don’t eat anything after 7 pm
Real World Says – You burn calories in your sleep, therefore you would be a fool not to carb up before you go to bed. It’s basically free food at this point of the night. You eat, then you sleep (which is essentially going to the gym) and wake up hungry again. Rinse and Repeat. This is how the real world lives. If you don’t late night snack you’re not a real human being.