Zion Williamson Is Potentially Too Athletic

Internet dunking phenom Zion Williamson was seen palling around tonight, just being a high schooler tossing the ol’ pigskin around with his chums. And while there were no yard markers on this soccer field he was playing catch on I think it’s safe to estimate that he threw this ball no less than four consecutive miles in the air.

He legitimately recreated Michael Vick’s Powerade commercial, which I still to this day believe to be real.


And now that Zion has done it for no monetary gain, it only backs up my belief that Vick’s was also real. Not to mention the countless hundreds of throws he had in actual NFL games that also sailed into the stands.

But that’s neither here nor there. Zion’s one of the great high school athletic specimens the world has had the pleasure of witnessing. Now, if he does bust in the NBA, with the dearth of viable quarterback options in the NFL, could he try his hand at pro football? Absolutely not. But man did he throw the fuck out of that ball.