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Jennifer Lawrence Guest Hosted Jimmy Kimmel Last Night And Absolutely Killed It

 Source - Jennifer Lawrence’s latest career update: dogged celebrity gossip reporter. The actress took over hosting duties on Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where she interviewed her reality TV hero, Kim Kardashian West. And like a good gossip reporter should, Lawrence pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable to ask a celebrity about their personal lives. Topics include Reggie Bush, virginity, and whether or not Kim and Kanye fart in front of one another. 

I think this may be just what the doctor ordered for Kimmel. He’s been taking on some heavy subject matter as of late: healthcare, sexual assault, gun control. His ratings are up but it’s been exhausting to watch. Mosts late-night shows go dark when the host needs a break, so I was surprised to see Jimmy hand over the reins to another celeb. Speaks volumes to his confidence as a comedian. Letterman famously said he wouldn’t allow a guest host because he was afraid they’d be better than him.


Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect choice. All she had to do was lob meatballs and be charming. Which she did perfectly. “Hey Kim, do you fart in front of Kanye?” “Nope! Never farted in my life!” *Crowd erupts into laughter.* “Hey Kim, which one of your family members would you kill last?” “Khloe!” *Audience cheers.* “What about OJ? You ever see him?” “Yeah!” “How’d he do it?!” “I don’t know!” *Audience simultaneously spits out their drinks in a fit of laughter.* I’m sure it helps that she’s naturally funny and everyone loves her, but still, she nailed the interview.

And say what you will about Kim, but she knows how to interview. Jennifer tried to trip her up a few times and she never bit. Although the weirdest part of the interview is the fact that Kim used to hack into people’s cell phones. What was that all about? Probably should’ve kept that one to herself.

I don’t know if Jimmy’s back next week or not but more hosts should do this. Late night can get stale. I wouldn’t mind if Fallon took a few…years off. He should at least give up every other week.  It wouldn’t be hard to find a replacement. As long as they find someone who can read at a fifth-grade level and knows how to laugh, people won’t even notice the difference.