Papa John's Tries To Fire Back At DiGiorno On Twitter, Fails Miserably

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Frozen pizza is the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy? What the fuck does that even mean, Papa? And regardless of what it means, this is still Papa John’s tweeting shit from their glass house of awful pizza. Hey Papa, you are Chiddy Bang, not the fucking Beatles.

I don’t know who runs the DiGiorno account, but that son of a bitch is fierce and fires back responses almost immediately.


If you are going to get into an internet mud slinging match, you have to be ready to reply back to any slander ASAP. That’s Mud Slinging 101. Once Grudge Dave is out, you know he isn’t going radio silent. Or at least that’s been the case ever since the infamous Chrissy Teigen incident.

I know DiGiorno may not be delivery, but it’s clearly bringing the fight to Papa John’s door. However, it appears that Kool Aid (and probably a few other drinks) pumps through this silly bastard’s veins.


Official Scorecard After 2 Rounds: 2-0 DiGirono with multiple knockdowns in the first round.

UPDATE: Papa John’s deleted the #NewTwitterBio tweet, officially giving DiGiorno two knockouts today. Papa is sawwwwwwft.

And I’m reposting the gif from my previous DiGiorno vs. Papa John’s blog just because it makes me laugh every time Papa John’s head becomes a turnstile.

If you haven’t dreamed of doing this to Papa John at least 30 times every NFL Sunday, you clearly only watch the RedZone Channel or have figured out a way to block commercials from your memory. And even then, it’s hard to get over that extremely punchable face.

P.S. I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but the only Papa John’s commercial I’ve ever liked is this one with Peyton Manning because he calls Papa John “Papa”. Lowkey hilarious and I’ve convinced myself that Papa John has all his friends and family members call him Papa in real life.