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Alex Bregman Goes Nuts On Instagram Live When He Finds Out Justin Verlander Is Signed For Two More Years

This is hilarious. Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman has been playing alongside Justin Verlander for almost three months, and he’s just now realizing — like, after the Astros had already won the World Series and the season was over — that Verlander is under contract for two more years.

Hey Alex, if two more years of Verlander got you that excited, then just wait until I tell you about this third-year vesting option for 2020. Oh ya, baby! Not one, not two, but THREE more years of Verlander if he finishes in the top five for Cy Young voting in 2019. That sum bitch will kick in for a third season and four stabs at a World Series title in an Astros uniform for the former first-round, second overall draft pick. You know who else was a former first-round, second overall draft pick, Alex? You were! You guys are totally gonna be besties.

Whether or not that vesting option kicks in obviously remains to be seen. Verlander was runner-up last year (and should’ve won it), so you never know. Either way, it’s laugh out loud funny watching Bregman come to the realization that Verlander wasn’t a rental after they had already won the World Series. Kid was probably hugging JV in front of his locker, wishing him the best of luck in free agency. Also, Bregman can’t show up to the World Series parade without a wheelbarrow for his nuts now. Gotta do it.