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Tennessee's Life Coach Resigns Due To "Hostile Work Environment" #ChampionsOfLife

Right around a year ago, Butch Jones dropped one of his first Butchism’s:

The champions of life comment has followed around Butch and the Tennessee football program since then. Jones has been focused on having his players not win SEC championships but life championships since he started on Rocky Top having a life coach on staff:

Go Vols Xtra-Antone Davis, who has been Tennessee football’s Vol For Life coordinator since 2012, knows the answer better than anyone. Still, he laughs when asked.

Then he takes a deep breath.

“It’s kind of become a loaded question,” he said. “The answer, in my opinion, has really been what’s made it so special. I’ll explain that.”

That explanation takes around 10 minutes, with Davis going into detail about where the program began, a crash course of life skills for Tennessee football players, to where it is now, a three-letter acronym in the everyday language of an entire state, synonymous with checkerboard end zones and “Rocky Top.”

Now let’s fast forward to today. Antone Davis has been helping Butch Jones produce champions of life for the past five years. Other programs do have similar coaches on staff, but some have said being a life coach for Butch Jones is like being an investment banker for Goldman Sachs, the pinnacle of positions. At least that’s what was assumed:

Rocky Top Insider-It was reported earlier on Wednesday afternoon that Vol For Life Coordinator Antone Davis had turned in his two-weeks notice and was resigning from his position. Now a report from 247Sports claims Davis resigned due to a “hostile work environment.”

The report states that Davis was made to “drive to and from away games” this season if he wanted to travel with the team. He was asked to provide his own travel arrangements as well. Davis had been allowed to fly on team charters in the past.

Yes, that is right, not even the life coach, who has produced 100’s of champions, could take what is happening in Tennessee right now:

Got to wonder how Butch Jones is going to handle such a brutal blow halfway through the season. If the Vols aren’t lifting up a trophy at the end of the season and giving out rings I don’t know if he’ll make it to 2018:


At least Butch will have a week to adjust without his life coach in front of an empty stadium:


Everything is turning up Butch!