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Cody Garbrandt, A Noted Moron, Just Accidentally Implicated He And His Entire Gym Did Steroids

What an idiot, what a fucking idiot.

Did Cody Garbrandt saying TJ Dillashaw showed Team Alpha Male how to do steroids give his claim more validity? Yeah, actually, it did. Did it implicate that he and all of his teammates did steroids? Uhhhhh, yeah. IT ACTUALLY DID. When this is how the gym took their “class photo”…

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.32.22 PM

…you can’t expect all of them to be down-to-earth with the minds of rocket scientists. Urijah Faber probably knocked himself out with a facepalm after hearing Garbrandt say that.

To do some damage control, Garbrandt released the highly anticipated, much talked about sparring video where he supposedly knocked TJ out. Here it is:

As you can see, it’s blurry as fuck, but it looks way more like a knockDOWN, not a knockOUT. It also doesn’t mean much, because people are knocked down/out in sparring fairly regularly. Paulie Malinaggi through Conor McGregor has pretty much made the world believe spars were as important as title fights this year, but being knocked down is going to happen when you have dozens of spars in a row before a massive fight.

As I’ve said in the past though, Garbrandt was an illiterate idiot in the build to his last fight, and wound up embarrassing one of the best fighters the sport has ever seen, so don’t factor today’s foolishness into your bets this weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll have a UFC 217 fight breakdown for you guys, and Saturday I’ll have a breakdown of the rivalries leading up to the event for the more casual fans looking to get into the sport.