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I'm About To Ruin Your Day... Dogs Also Lie Awake At Night And Think Of Their Problems


(Source)Researchers in Hungary say dogs, like many of us, lie awake at night thinking about their problems after a stressful or emotional day. A study published by The Royal Society scientific journal found that our furry four-legged friends also struggle to fall asleep due to their troubles, meaning that once again we have something in common with them. The experiment recorded the brain waves of 16 dogs after experiencing either a positive or negative day. Positive days included being pet and playing fetch while the negative days included being separated from their owners or tied to a door for short periods of time.


If you’re like me, you’ve heard your dog walking around at night (yeah I’ve got hardwood floors, whatever) and wondered, “What’s that nut job up to? What fun is she getting into? God she has the best life, no work tomorrow and the house to herself right now… damn, so jealous.” Well guess what, asshole, your dog is out there having an anxiety attack. Just fucking pacing thinking about where the hell you went all day, admonishing herself for not being tall enough to reach those cookies on the counter, angry that you turned off her favorite tv show right before you went to bed and left her alone. This is a HORRIBLE realization.

And now, I’m never gonna sleep again. I’ve got a baby out there panicking and thinking about all her problems so how the hell can I sleep when I know that’s going on? Every time I hear those click clack of claws on the floor I’m gonna full sprint to the living room like a helicopter mom and start begging her to tell me who hurt her. I’ll be like Joyce in Stranger Things, stringing up dog treats in front of painted letter on the wall, and begging her to spell it out for me. I will not sleep until I figure out this problem.

This depresses me so much that I just wanna go to fucking bed but I can’t because dog is too depressed. My life is now a hell.