Keith Hernandez Becomes Public Enemy Number One After His "I'm Not From San Francisco, Bro" Joke On The World Series Pregame

NY PostKeith Hernandez ignited a homophobic controversy with six words during Fox Sports’ pregame show Wednesday night.

The Mets legend and SNY broadcaster, in response to David Ortiz imitating Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig with a licking gesture toward Hernandez, made a joke about his home city of San Francisco, which is known for its prominent LGBTQ community and its history advocating for gay rights.

“I’m not from San Francisco, bro!” a smiling Hernandez appears to say, sending the World Series broadcast crew into a fit of laughter.

Through a spokesman, Hernandez apologized and issued the following statement:

“I made a poor attempt at humor and never intended for it to be taken the wrong way. I am from San Francisco and as baseball fans know, the Dodgers/Giants rivalry runs deep. I did not grow up a Dodger fan and when it came down to Giants vs. Dodgers, I rooted for the Giants. I apologize if any offense was taken.”


Nothing worse has ever happened for the older generation of TV personalities than social media.  Keith Hernandez is a 64 year old man who played professional sports in the 70’s and 80’s.   Not once did it ever cross his mind to be careful about joking about stereotypes of San Francisco being a gay city.   Now he’s got an HD camera trained on his face and millions upon millions of people with fingers poised over their phone keyboards and easy access to Twitter.  Think you can skate it by now?


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Bet Keith misses the good old days sooooo bad right now.

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Also first thing I do every single time for a story like this:

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