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I Did Not Expect Jeopardy To Throw Out A Casual Suicide Joke Last Night

I’m sure some people will take offense to that because it’s 2017 and all. I personally wasn’t offended by it. But I’m also a big meanie monster that writes for the notoriously evil company known as Barstool Sports. Nonetheless, I was shocked Jeopardy decided to get a little dark and throw something like that out there during this outrage climate we live in while old folks that still write letters to the newspaper were still awake and watching television. Especially in the usually boring ass Jeopardy category of Golf. (Likely) longtime Stoolie Alex Trebek probably wanted to dip his toe ever so gently in the mud to see what all the hub bub is about. He is Canadian after all and those people (what do you mean THOSE people?) embrace all sorts of comedy. I can only imagine the kind of punchlines Trebek’s Canadian ass throws around with Johnny backstage. Aristocrats jokes for days when Big Alex gets some unleaded maple syrup in him.


On the other hand, Jenny was having the time of her fucking life answering that question. Surprised we didn’t get an old fashioned knee slap out of her at the end.