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Tom Brady Just Firing Shots on the NFL's Instagram Account

Brady IG

Tom Brady, you savage! Has anyone ever gone from a non-entity on social media to dominating the industry faster than TB12? From his genetically perfect family photos to his cleverly disguised ads plugging his lifestyle brand to his workout videos, he’s doing it all. And now, he’s branching out into the fine art of comments section trolling. The very reason Satan invented the Internet in the first place.

As recently as two years ago, Brady would’ve spend a bye week day off resting and rehabbing. Maybe posting a few impossibly composed horseback riding photos on a Costa Rican beach with the sunset behind him and Gisele. But not in 2017. This is about lurking on Instagram waiting for the NFL to mention his numbers so he can fire a warning shot across pro football’s bow. He’s no long got Jimmy G lurking over his shoulder as the Heir Apparent. The job is his until he no longer wants it.  He’s obvious feeling pretty salty right now and wants the world to know it. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

A couple of fun facts about those 2,541 yards: That’s a pace that would give him over 5,000 for just the second time in his career. He’s doing it without Julian Edelman. For the first month or more, his protection was a disaster and he was getting hit at a record pace. And as we sit here, his receivers have more drops than any corps in the NFL. And still he’s throwing circles around these young punks. No wonder he feels like talking trash. Be afraid, football. Be very afraid.