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The Famous World Series "Let It Ride" Bettor Backed Out Last Second And Didn't Bet Game 7, Smartly Walking Away With $14 Million

So it appears there are some smart people out there after all. The mystery European man who went 6 for 6 in his “Let it Ride” bets decided to not bet Game 7 after it was reported he was gonna do it all again and hammer the Dodgers. Maybe he got a tip from God that Yu Darvish was gonna lay the biggest egg ever? Maybe his almanac was a little unclear for Game 7 and the info was smudged? Whatever it was this guy made an actual good gambling decision. WALK AWAY.

Now there a few question marks about who the fuck this guy is. I listened to RJ Bell go on a radio show yesterday and he said this guy asked for a receipt of his bet after already getting his gambling ticket for his Game 1. I mean that tells me this guy has literally no clue what he’s doing. Maybe he was just some dumb rich kid who put $500k on Game 1 and kept letting it ride thinking it was easy? Other people think he was the front of a mass syndicate where a group of rich people were telling him what to do. Maybe he was actually from the future? There are a lot of theories, but at the end of the day to walk away up $14 million and not put a dime on Game 7 is smart as fuck, but so hard to do. To have the will power to walk away from a heater at a table when you’re up is nearly impossible. I envy anyone that has the capability to do such a thing cause if you gamble enough you know how hard it is. This guy had a wild fucking run and props to him for knowin’ when to fold ‘em.