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Everybody Loves Bieber


I know the World Series is on right now, but if I’m allowed to be frank for a moment it hasn’t exactly been the most exciting Game 7 there ever was or will be. Yu Darvish gave up an immediate five runs, Lance McCullers was hitting guys left and right, and the Dodgers have stranded about a billion runners. Hopefully there’s some more action these final three innings, and knowing how the Astros bullpen has been it’s certainly possible. But until it happens, I’m going to keep scrolling my timeline, reading some tweets, having a real fun time on the web with my pals.

During my most recent scroll, I happened upon this video of Justin Bieber. And boy did it bring a smile to my face. Just Bieber, chilling at an LA swap meet, not a care in the world, waiting on Selena Gomez to go to the bathroom, getting a camera shoved in his face – along with gang signs that he absolutely did not understand – and then jogging off into the distance of the LA sun. He brightened this guy’s day so much he forgot how much he absolutely despised Justin Bieber’s music. This guy was so happy he didn’t even care that Bieber was wearing red in his neighborhood. He was so taken aback, caught off guard, and tickled pink he started fanboying for someone he’s not even a fan of.

“Hey Bieber! I fuck with you!”

Internally: Oh no, my friends probably heard that. Not a good look for your boy to be the #1 Bieber Fanboy in the crew. Better act fast.

“Nah, not really, homie. But… you famous!”

Internally: Fucking nailed it.