NO SHIT: Jahlil Okafor Wants A Buyout Or A Trade From The Sixers

SI – The Sixers declined to pick up Jahlil Okafor’s fourth-year option for $6.3 million yesterday, and today the No. 3 pick of the 2015 draft said that decision was the one he preferred. “Honestly, I didn’t want them to pick up my option,” Okafor told reporters on Wednesday. “I’ve been going through a lot since I’ve been here, so the fact that I know that at the end of the season that I’ll at least have an opportunity to play elsewhere, that’s great.” Okafor said he asked team president Bryan Colangelo for a buyout or trade, but Colangelo refused the request. “I’ve asked for a buyout,” Okafor said, per NBA Sports Philadelphia’s Jessica Camerato. “I had a talk with Bryan about that yesterday, just because I want to play. I know that’s not being here. I know a buyout is one of the options where I get an opportunity to play elsewhere and to get on the court. But Bryan didn’t think that would be a good idea because he said then they would be giving me away to a team for free, but that’s pretty much where we stand right now. I’m just worried about my career. I want to be on the court.”


Honestly, it’s shocking it took this long for Jah to openly speak his mind.

So, what’s the next move? Well, they can either trade Okafor home to Chicago for a bag of peanuts. Or they can let him ride the bench for the remainder of the year…at which point he’ll be an unrestricted free agent and head home to Chicago, sans peanuts in return. Thay AIN’T giving Jah a buyout and letting him walk now for free. That’s for damn sure.

Either you’re part of The Process or you’re in the way. Sorry, Jah. Good luck in all your endeavors (unless Embiid fatally shatters on the court while you’re still on the roster and you’re all of a sudden apart of the future again). Cue it up.