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These Attack Ads On Rob Ford Are Just Straight Up Mean



(Source) These new campaign ads, for decidedly unglamorous mayoral candidates in Toronto, are fake. But they’re still pretty amusing. They were put up by a group called No Ford Nation, which is dedicated to getting anyone besides the crack-smoking Ford elected in October. And apparently they do mean anyone.



Look I don’t actually follow politics. Democrat, Republican, the whole thing is a racket. Add in the fact that this a completely different country and I really couldn’t give less of a fuck. But with that said, I have an honest question for Toronto. Do they realize that Rob Ford is the best thing they have going for them right now? I can’t name one thing about Toronto besides Ford. He’s keeping you guys relevant. Any news is good news right? (I think I just invented this saying because that’s not how it goes) And Toronto has been red hot this past year because of you’re awesome Mayor. So go ahead and get rid of him. Go ahead and run attack ads on him because he smoked a little bit of crack, threatened to kill a few people and might have a drinking problem. But just remember we had this talk next year when people can no longer find Toronto on a map because it’s so fucking boring. America’s approval/interest in your city should be your number 1 goal, always.