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Lance McCullers Warming Up For Game 7 Immediately After Game 6 Is Such A Hardo Move You Have To Love It

If I was an actual player on the other team I’d probably just laugh this off and like what are you doing, dude? You’re going to get so tired. The game isn’t for 24 hours and this is absolutely ridiculous.

But as a fan? I fucking love it. It’s so over the top and so hardo that it’s amazing. I mean I’m not a doctor or a professional athlete but I there can’t be any real value to getting a few long tosses in, so this is all optics. This is “hey are the cameras over there? Are there fans still in the crowd? I’m gonna show them that they’re gonna have a problem on their hands tomorrow.” Tell ya what, if I was an Astros fan that would have me ready to run thru a brick wall even though I know it does absolutely nothing. Just the idea of it has me gassed up. Feels like something Doug Mirabelli would do, ya know? Out there in his skivvies throwing 90 footers yelling “LANCEY’S K-ING TEN TOMORROW TONIGHT!!!!!” That’s how you speak your truth into existence.