Mike Leach's Exchange With a Reporter Over The Phone During His Press Conference is Gold

Well my, my, my. You’re gonna question why Mike Leach’s presser started 40 minutes late and then ask a question that started the entire press conference? That reporter might have to quit. Also how about the balls on the reporter in the first place to ask why Mike was late meanwhile he couldn’t be there himself. Dude you’re on the fucking phone and not there in person you don’t get to say shit. He thought he had Mike in a corner and then completely dropped the ball. Love how he tried to still get an answer out of Leach about who the starting QB was and he tells the guy to basically go fuck himself and find it online.

Bonus: Here’s Mike giving his thoughts on candy corn. Spoiler alert….it’s awful


“There’s a reason they only serve candy corn once a year cause it’s awful.”

***If you like candy corn you’re a poor