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Florida Abortion Clinic Offering $50 Off Coupons As A Sunday Special


ORLANDO – An Orlando abortion clinic ran by a controversial, unlicensed physician has outraged locals by offering discount abortions. The Orlando Woman’s Center, which was shut down in June and had all of its equipment seized, has brazenly thrown its doors back open – and even more boldly, it has begun circulating coupons for bargain-basement abortions on Sundays. The coupons offer a $50 discount for abortions performed on Sundays.

Florida. The only state in the Union where you can get great savings for a car wash, laser tag AND your abortion all in the same book. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were also killer deals for Bath Salts and Blue Sky in that Entertainment booket. Good thing they specified “Limit One Per Customer”, too. If you are somehow scientifically able and willing to get two abortions in one day, you pay full price or No Soup For You.

Last time I checked you could get about a dozen coat hangers for $1.49. By far the cheapest way to scramble some eggs.