Janoris Jenkins Suspended Indefinitely For Violating Team Rules

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins has been suspended indefinitely for violation of team rules, the Giants announced today. The suspension takes effect immediately, meaning Jenkins will miss Sunday’s home game against the Los Angeles Rams. “As a member of this team, there are standards and we have responsibilities and obligations,” said coach Ben McAdoo. “When we don’t fulfill those obligations, there are consequences. As I have said before, we do not like to handle our team discipline publicly. There are times when it is unavoidable, and this is one of those times.”

The Giants returned to the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Monday following their bye week. Jenkins was not in attendance on Monday. At the time, McAdoo said he had been excused for personal reasons. “At that point, neither myself nor any of the coaches had heard from Jackrabbit,” McAdoo said. “I did not speak with him directly until Tuesday morning.”


So for those keeping track at home, the 2 highest-paid corners on the Giants have been suspended so far this season. Eli Apple, the one corner that Giants fans wanted to be suspended for any reason at all earlier in the season, is the only starting DB not to have been suspended. Great times at the Meadowlands! The media, especially the New York media, loves to talk about coaches losing the locker room during a losing season. I’m not saying that’s definitely the case here, but TWO players being suspended after not showing up for work in a month is a rough look for Ben McAdoo, Steve Spagnuolo, and cornerbacks coach Dave Merritt. I guess that’s what us Giants fans get for resting during the bye week. Now lets finish this season with a flourish and by flourish I mean get the best pick possible while also trying to ruin the playoff positioning of all the other NFC East teams.

Also as all these NFL trades fly around out of the blue, all I can think of is how there is an alternate universe where the Giants are 5-2 and just traded for a healthy Joe Thomas, who anchors an offensive line that wins the Super Bowl. Instead we have our best cornerback not showing up to work like Matt Harvey and Derrick Rose the week he faces his former team that willfully let him walk. At least today is Halloween in this universe and I can drown my NFL fandom sorrows in Reese’s and Snickers.