Rockford Man Sets World Record For Backwards Bowling With 10 Strikes In A Row



Rockford doing it HUGE. Unemployment, Wing Ding, and now this, the backwards bowling world record. Enormous day for Rockford. Started from the bottom now they’re here (still sort of at the bottom but whatever). Anyway, as for the actual feat, I went into it wanting to hate him. Why the fuck would anyone bowl backwards? Just be a normal person, bowl your 110, get drunk and go home. But after watching this I have to say I’m incredibly impressed. Absolutely awesome. The exact same motion, fist pump everything. Just a backwards bowling machine dressed as a dungeons and dragons nerd. 100% on Team Andrew Cowen. Rockford’s new pride and joy. Now someone get him the Key to the city.




Unrelated but sort of related, I feel like every guy should be semi adequate at one of the main fake sports. Bowling, Pool, Darts. Just pick one and be good at that and never touch the other 2. If you’re good at all 3 then you’re probably a tool and if you suck at all 3 you’re even bigger of a tool for being that guy who can never fill in when you need an extra. 1 is all you need.