Larry Fitzgerald Is Not In Boston But He Is Thicc As Hell

So there was a little Twitter rumor today that Larry Fitz was spotted at Logan airport

Many, many people believe it because anytime Larry Fitzgerald and Megatron are mentioned Patriots fans know Belichick is gonna get them. It’s been that way for years and it always will be. Of course, this one was a little more believable because there was a black man in Boston and, obviously, players always arrive in town before the media hears about a trade and once they arrive they get their own rental car then drive themselves to practice. It all checked out.

HOWEVER, I’ve got bad news. That was not Larry Fitzgerald getting his own rental car after being traded to the New England Patriots.

He is in Arizona.

He is in Arizona and he is DRAGGIN A WAGON. I mean… boy what that ting do?! Goddamn Larry Thiccgerald is out there in the Arizona heat making me rethink every choice I’ve made in my life. I’m sorry he’s not in New England, I’m not sorry about that pic. Shake it!