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There Is A Black Market Dave Portnoy Signed Memorabilia Section on Ebay


So somebody tweeted this picture to me today. I knew instantly what it was from. A couple weeks ago when we got off a plane at one of our college football shows a bunch of bros were waiting for me at the airport and had me sign a ton of shit. I thought they were just huge fans. Kinda weird but whatever. Nope. They set up an entire Davey Pageviews Memorabilia section. They are trying to profit off Davey Pageviews. Selling pizza review pictures for fucking 85 bucks. Selling a signed fucking SAFTB flag for 250 bucks. Umm are you fucking kidding me? Listen nobody loves Dave Portnoy more than Dave Portnoy, but even I wouldn’t pay 85 bucks for a signed picture of myself. You’d have to be an absolute lunatic to buy this. But if for some reason this does sell than I’m in the wrong fucking business. 85 bucks for my John Hancock? Beach front property here we come.

UPDATE – Somebody bought this for 100 bucks! I’m getting infringed upon! Nobody profits off me except me! Paging Michael Portnoy Esquire!



PS – Fuck John Skipper.