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Genie Bouchard Dressed as 'Baywatch' for Halloween. Because of Course She Did


I post this as a public service message. To remind all guys out there who haven’t yet grasped the concept that Halloween is a woman’s game. You can have the greatest, most elaborate costume in the world, spend thousands of dollars and man hours putting together omething that will cause nerdgasms in the main hall at San Diego ComicCon. But you can’t compete against an adorable Canadian tennis star in a Baywatch suit. Not to mention, the Genie Bouchards of the world move in super-attractive herds that will trample you under their tiny white sneakers like they’re Brachiosaurs. And for them, the only prep work necessary is 20 seconds to pull on the suit, a little butt cheek powder from the makeup artist and 20-something years of growing up with perfect genetics. So you might as well not even try to keep up with that.

Is it possible that if this wasn’t the Genie Bouchard we’re looking at, we might not even consider her the hottest one in this group? Looking at you, girl bringing up the rear down that hallway. Happy Halloween indeed.