Mad Respect for Jadeveon Clowney Going to the Texans' Halloween Party as an Inmate


Dammit, you’ve got to respect Jadeveon Clowney’s game. On and off the field. Sunday I watched him use a fullback as a blunt instrument to bludgeon Eddie Lacy with in the backfield in what was almost an identical play to the one he made against Michigan:

… and I thought I wouldn’t seem him do anything better all year. Well that was two days ago and he’s already made a liar out of me. Because this is perfect.

What do you do when your old, pathetic, unwrapped mummy of an owner goes to a meeting designed to pour water on the dying embers of the anthem protest and drops a can of lighter fluid into the middle of it? How to you respond when that tone-deaf, wrinkled demogorgon Bob McNair reignites the worst, most played out debate topic of our lifetimes by comparing NFL players to inmates running the prison? You lean into it. Go all Orange is the New Black on his liver-spotted ass and make it super awkward. I’ve been saying since the beginning I can’t wait for this whole anthem thing to blow over. But if the players are going to answer back to the feckless, lucky sperm douchebags like McNair running some of these franchises with gags like this? Count me in.