Are These The Two Best Looking Teams To Ever Play In A World Series? Power Ranking The Dodgers vs The Astros

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Listen, I’m not into objectification. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man, a woman or somewhere in between. I, as well as everyone here at Barstool, values brains over brawn, intellect over beauty, and intelligence over ignorance. Always have, always will. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I failed to appreciate the male form, especially on the biggest stage in sports. That’s what I was hired for.

Which begs the question – are these the two best looking teams to ever play in a World Series? Sure, the games have been unreal. More home runs have been hit in this world series than any other in history and it’s not even game six. Then there’s the Houston – Hurricane Harvey storyline. But no one’s talking about how good looking these teams are. Snacks on both sides. So with the help of Glenny Balls, I put together the list everyones been asking for- The World Series of hot guys in the World Series Power Rankings List. You’re welcome.


10. Charlie Culberson

9. Clayton Kershaw

8. Yu Darvish 

7. Josh Ravin

6. Yasmani Grandal 

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5. Kike Hernandez


4. Yasiel Puig

3. Corey Seager

2. Cody Bellinger

1. Chris Taylor. 



 10. Dallas Keuchel

9. Jose Altuve

8. Justin Verlander in 2004

7. Josh Reddick


6. George Springer 

5. James Hoyte

4. Lance McCullers

3. Joe Musgrove 


2. Alex Bregman

1. Carlos Correa

So to answer my own question- yes. These are the two best looking teams to play in a World Series. Carry on.

PS: Tex was adamant that I include a line about how good looking the Astros fans are so here you go. You be the judge.