Tryna Make Sense of the Jimmy G Trade

Polian Garoppolo

As I’ve said on occasions too numerous to mention, the thing that surprises me most about Bill Belichick is that Bill Belichick is still capable of surprising me. But this trade of Jimmy Garoppolo to the Niners for way less than what he could’ve gotten for Jimmy G over the offseason is quite possibly the most surprising move he has ever made. I’m including trading Drew Bledsoe in the division in 2002, cutting Lawyer Milloy five days before the season in 2003, trading Logan Mankins the week before the season in 2014. Name it. This is the biggest shocker of them all.

And I say this as someone who was on Team Trade Jimmy from the jump this offseason. I wanted Belichick to hold some loser franchise like Cleveland hostage and pick the meat off their their bones for him. Dave and I actually went at it on the topic on Barstool Radio because he was among the majority who saw Garoppolo as the future quarterback. Personally, I could never fathom why Jacoby Brissett couldn’t be the heir apparent. And the way he’s playing in Indy right now makes me look like a savant. But now, neither of them are here.

So what we know for sure is that Tom Brady is the Patriots quarterback until such time that Tom Brady decides he’d rather be something other than the Patriots quarterback. If you’re one of these guys who says they can’t afford to search for another franchise QB and have to make the move to Jimmy G after this year, you’re wrong. A recent ESPN polls said that more NFL players think Brady has a chance to win multiple Super Bowls in the next ten years, and the Patriots clearly agree.

As of right now, it looks like the Niners will release Brian Hoyer, and he’ll be the Pats’ backup this year. And the Pats will do what they do most years, pick up a quarterback in the draft and turn him into a capable NFL QB. Just as they have Hoyer, Brissett, Matt Cassell, Ryan Mallet and Garoppolo. New England is the NFL’s Quarterback U. And whomever they draft (or pick up as an UDFA like Hoyer), that guy will also grow old waiting for Brady to step aside and they’ll trade him for the next backup.

And if you’re one of those AntiPata haters who’s been counting down the days until they move on from Brady and become mediocre again, your wait just got years longer.

In Bill We Trust. Hail Hydra. No. Days. Off.