Breaking: Biebs Cucked The Weekend

People – Music’s hottest it couple has called it quits. Selena Gomez, 25, and The Weeknd, 27, have ended their relationship, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE exclusively. The breakup also hasn’t been easy on the couple. “It’s been hard for them to come to the realization that this is the direction things were heading, but it’s been hard for months,” says the insider, who adds that Gomez is not back together with her ex Justin Bieber. Gomez was spotted spending time with Bieber — whom she dated on-and-off from 2011 to 2015 — over the weekend. The duo attended church together and were photographed by TMZ grabbing breakfast at a café in Westlake Village, California, in late October.

Music’s hottest it couple has called it quits?  Wrong.  The universe’s hottest it couple has just begun.  Again.  Yup it’s official.   The Biebs cucked The Weekend.   Probably the biggest no brainer in the history of earth.    It was first reported that Bieber and Selena started hanging out last week.  Supposedly The Weekend was “okay” with it.   Yeah right dude.  Listen I’ve been cucked before.  I know how this song and dance goes.   In no world is it okay for any girl to hang out with their ex.  That leads to sex 1 million percent of the time.  But with Biebs and Selena?   It’s infinity sex.   Like these two are our generation’s Romeo and Juliet.   It wasn’t if they were going to get back together at some point but when.  In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they got engaged soon.   They are both going to Handsome Pastor’s church now.  Wedding Bells can’t be far off in the horizon.   As a fellow cuck victim I’d like to say I feel bad for The Weekend, but I don’t.  Why?  Because he knew the score going in with Bieber.  And I never forgave The Weekend for his name.  It’s so stupid.  The Weekend has to be a band not a person.   It’s like he thought he was too good to get cucked or something with that name..  Good to see him get chopped back down to size.  Nothing more humbling than a little cuck action.  It’ll put your ego in check real fast.