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One-Legged Man is the Leader in the Halloween Clubhouse After Going as Gordon Hayward


The other day Smitty brought you the one-legged Paralympian who every year plays off his one-leggedness for Halloween, going as everything from the Christmas Story leg lamp to an IHop sign to Tigger.  Well not to be outdone is this cancer survivor going as Gordon Hayward.

It takes a special brand of spirit to take a horrible thing like losing a limb to cancer and a horrible thing like a Celtic’s gruesome foot injury, mixing them together, shaking them up and pouring out a tall, frosty glass of dark humor. One that I have to assume Hayward himself is probably laughing about.

P.S. I’ve still managed to avoid the video of that injury. And now that I’ve seen this picture, I thank God for it. Because I would never be able to unsee this.