Obama Did Not Smoke Cigs For He Was “Scared To Death” Of Michelle, Per John Boehner

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Quick, interesting little tidbit from John Boehner here. The former Speaker of the House, who’s notoriously candid, recently delivered an in-depth, profile type interview with Politico where he divulged all sorts of info about his 25 years in Washington. Naturally, we’re going to get some juicy insight into different aspects of the power center of America.

Obama loves to rip darts. Everybody knows this. Boehner, a smoker himself, details his and Obama’s differences with the vices.

Business Insider Boehner summarized the differences between himself and Obama with an anecdote about their vices from a 2011 meeting between the two.

“I’m smoking a cigarette, and they bring me a glass of merlot. And we’re sitting there a little while, and here’s the president drinking iced tea and chomping on Nicorette,” Boehner told Politico.

I very much enjoy the sight of the Speaker cranking hoons (sup donnie) and sipping merlot while meeting with the president. Power setting like you read about. Just does it for me.

Asked whether he had ever seen Obama succumb, Boehner said: “Oh no. No no no. He’s scared to death of his wife. Scared. To. Death.”

Now look, it’s incredibly relatable to give up something you love because you’re terrified of your wife. I have not done this, for I am not married, but every married dude I know does this to some extent. It’s sad but it appears to be inevitable. Some guys give up cigs. Some guys give up golf. Some guys give up hanging out with their friends and doing fun things altogether. It really varies case to case.

My question is, when you become president don’t you earn the right to return to doing whatever the fuck you want? Don’t you return to the same independence you enjoyed pre-relationship? I was pretty sure it’s a unique circle of life rarely achieved, really only by the pinnacle positions of power in the world. Goes like this: 1) independent, single dude making his own decision; 2) married, subject to wife’s demands forever; 3) POTUS, earns a rare return to independent dude making his own decisions.

I coulda sworn you re-entered this zone for your 8 years as Commander in Chief. Guess not.