Lil Jon Is Now My Favorite Hockey Guy In All Of The Land

I guess I was expecting Lil Jon to get up there and just scream “What”, “Yeah” and “Okay” into the mic for a few minutes during this intermission bit but ya know what? Lil Jon is actually a pretty heckin’ great hockey fan. Dude knows a ton about the game, had the STANLEY CUP in his car, and anybody who can go back and tell you that they were an Atlanta Flames fan deserves all of your respect. They’re are a bunch of kids dicking around in the comment section right now who have no idea the Atlanta Flames were even a team that ever existed. Meanwhile Lil Jon was a fan of two (2) failed franchises in Atlanta and still loves the game even after his city got broken up with twice. That takes some serious dedication.

So now I think we all know what needs to happen next. While Eddie Olczyk is out kicking the shit out of chemotherapy, I think it’s time to give Lil Jon a chance to hop in the broadcast booth with Doc Emrick. Let him call a Wednesday Night Rivalry game. Let’s just see how it goes. I don’t think we’d get any complaints whatsoever about replacing Milbury. Throw Lil Jon up in the booth, let him work his magic with the GOAT and that’s how you finally get the ratings up in the US. You might also be able to get the ratings up if you broadcast Crosby vs McDavid nationally instead of a pointless Sabres vs Red Wings game. But I’m willing to bet Lil Jon color commentary would be an even bigger draw than 87 v 97. You’re welcome for the free ratings, NBCSN.




P.S. – My favorite part about every time Lil Jon makes some sort of media appearance like this is when the dorky white guy has to decide if they want to keep their “journalistic integrity” and refer to him as “Little John” or try to grab some cool points and keep it with the casual “Lil Jon”. You can always tell how much they wrestle around with this dilemma in their head before making the decision.