Florida Cops Showing Up To An Argument While Playing "Why Can't We Be Friends" From Their Speakers Is Pure Genius

Bravo random Florida police officer. I can only imagine what it’s like being a cop in the Sunshine State. When you get a call of a disturbance on the radio, you never know if you are rolling into a donnybrook between some trailer park trash or have yet another situation where a meth head ate another meth head’s face off. An idiot in a wife beater screaming at someone is basically the best case scenario, both in terms of danger and entertainment value.

Don’t get me wrong, however. I’ve watched enough episodes of Cops to know that crazy old coot can escalate things in the bat of an eyelash if the mood hits him right. Once Facebook posts and timelines come into the mix with nutbags like that, you don’t know where that road is headed. Some uniformed men and women sent to break up the situation can be the ingredient that turns a noise complaint into something much worse.

Which is why that song was the perfect thing to cool everyone’s head. Why Can’t We Be Friends doesn’t act as water on the fire of an argument. It’s whatever shit they put in a fire extinguisher. Instant happiness for the ears.

Yesterday was an NFL Sunday and if you are like me, you probably are a little salty about what went down. Either your favorite team lost, you got taken to the cleaners by your bookie, or your fantasy opponent picked up PAUL FUCKING RICHARDSON on a whim because he also owned Russell Wilson and then you were forced to watch them kick your dick in. But thanks to this Floridian 5-0, I was calmed thanks to the glorious melody by the band War

See, don’t you feel better? So a tip of the cap to you random Florida cop. You made my, as well as a slew of other people’s Mondays just a little bit better with that musical choice. Oh yeah and the “What are y’all arguing about” quote too. That was gold considering this was all about a Facebook picture. God bless Florida and their unlimited cast of bloggable characters.