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Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida Died In The Octagon Tonight (Not Really But Kinda)

Sad face. That didn’t go how we wanted it to at all. I got a few people saying, “Did you REALLY think Machida would win?!” and the answer is like, 70% yes. I didn’t think his layoff would mean he would get knocked out with the first punch that landed cleanly. Derek Brunson, though, dat boi did it! He called out Luke Rockhold after the fight as well, which is a bold strategy, cotton, but we’ll see how that plays out for him.

Speaking of call-outs, noted douchebag Colby Covington called out the entire country of Brazil so harshly he got a police escort out of the building as bottles and cans rained in on him.

Tough night for my picks, as UFC Fight Night 119 became one of the 5 cards this year (out of 30) I went negative on. 72-51-3 on the year, yikes. We’ll bounce back and come back stronger.