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Some Guy Made A Map That Tells You The Most Interesting Place In Your State



(Source) I googled each state and whatever came up first in the Wikipedia [“Points of interest”] box is what I went with. Some had more than one, but they weren’t in alphabetical order, so I took it as the first one was the top one. Obviously very non-scientific methodology.













Not sure why I thought it would be something different but it still hurts to see. Navy Pier? Really? I know the science behind this couldn’t be more rudimentary. Guy just googled a state and picked the top item but still. Navy Pier fucking sucks. It’s just a bunch of tourists and kids trying to steal your cell phone. No real people actually go there. It’s fake life.



And not for nothing but the Midwest took a beating on this little map. Everyone gives us shit for being flyover states and places of zero interest, well the map that says our number one points of interest are a mall, water slide, amusement park and state fair isn’t really helping us much.




I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve been to almost all of those places and yeah, not exactly blowing anyone’s dick off with action.