This Ten-Year-Old Boy Who Led Cops On A FIFTY MILE Chase At 100MPH Has A Future In Professional Driving

Source -  A 10-year-old boy has been arrested after leading Ohio state police on a 100 mph car chase on Thursday morning, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The car chase began in Westlake as the boy was traveling westbound on Interstate 90, police said in a press release. After the driver failed to stop, officers with the Westlake Police Department pursued the vehicle. The chase briefly reached speeds of 100 mph before troopers slowed the vehicle using a rolling roadblock, police said. 

Troopers then placed stop sticks in the roadway, but the boy drove into the ditch to avoid them, police said. State troopers blocked the boy’s ability to exit the ditch and made “intentional contact” with the car to stop the chase, police said.

The boy was then removed from the car and taken into custody without injury, police said. He was allegedly combative with troopers, attempting to spit in the faces of several troopers and kicking one trooper in the chin, WEWS reported.

The incident is not the first time the boy has stolen the family car, WEWS reported. A similar incident occurred on Oct. 16, when the boy took his mother’s Dodge Charger from the driveway because he was bored, WEWS reported. He was later found driving with three flat tires on Interstate 90. Further details were not immediately available.

I wanted to bold the entire article because  I couldn’t believe what I was reading. In short, this kid is a ten-year-old, car-jacking, state-trooper-assaulting, repeat offender with balls the size of cantaloupes and a superb set of driving skills. He avoided spike strips, a road block, and oncoming traffic over the course of fifty miles. He’s not high on PCP running from his third strike which makes it even more impressive. I’d be pitted into a ditch within the first ten minutes. I went out joy-riding in my mom’s purple mini-van during middle school once and barely hit double digits. We were just about turn out of the neighborhood and she drove by us. I circled back. That was the end of my car-jacking career.

It seems like this kid is just getting going on his. He should stick with it too because he definitely has a future in it. His parents may think it’s “problematic” but they need to focus on the long game. Harness his passion. As a twenty-eight-year-old father of zero I suggest buying him a go-kart to tide him over until he can legally get behind the wheel. Either that or just keep letting him steal cars. Which may be cheaper considering he’s ten and can’t get in trouble. Because if he can get on a real track, he’s going to make some serious money. The average race car driver earn between one and twenty million dollars per year. Would suck if he got stuck making $7.50 an hour because mom and dad forgot to put the car keys on top of the fridge. He has the raw skills. Fingers crossed he has a chance to use them. The worst thing in life is wasted talent. Reese Bobby knows.