JFK Files Show CIA Considered Hiring A Mob Hit On Fidel Castro

John F. Kennedy

CNNA 1975 document from the Rockefeller Commission detailing the CIA’s role in foreign assassinations said plans to assassinate Castro were undertaken in the early days of the Kennedy administration.

The report said Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the President’s brother, told the FBI he learned the CIA hired an intermediary “to approach Sam Giancana with a proposition of paying $150,000 to hire some gunman to go into Cuba and kill Castro.”

The attorney general said that made it hard to prosecute Giancana, a Sicilian American mobster.

“Attorney General Kennedy stated that the CIA should never undertake the use of mafia people again without first checking with the Department of Justice because it would be difficult to prosecute such people in the future,” the report reads.

The report also said the CIA was later interested in using mobsters to deliver a poison pill to Castro in order to kill him.


CIA was pretty desperate in the 60s eh? Yeah we’re gonna employ the mob to kill Castro. The fucking MOB! It’s appalling how influential the mob was for decades. They ran the damn show. Casinos, girls, police, government, and were casually hit up by the CIA for assassination hits on world leaders.

No wonder those fuckers were impossible to take down. They murdered thousands of people, were absolutely ruthless in their pursuit of power, but if you wanted to prosecute them you had to double check with the CIA real quick, make sure they weren’t under hire taking out our international adversaries.

As everyone knows, thousands of files were released yesterday and a couple hundred were held for another 6 months (for review, 54 years later and 25 years after yesterday’s deadline was set). There’s some interesting shit in there, serving mostly as fresh fuel for conspiracy theories, so this won’t be the last blog on the matter.

I also got these texts from Smitty last night…


…so I’ll consult Professor Smith and further discuss some of these files. Should be a fun time.

A couple teasers: