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Just Tryin' To Rip Junior B. Tryin' To Keep The Dream Alive, Ya Know?

I think everybody can agree that prank videos have sort of run their course. They had their time and place back in the early days of the internet but we’ve all evolved past that. With that being said, this one hits way too close to home to not share. Because even though this video may be under the guise as “just a prank”, there’s still so much truth to it.

Everybody has their story about that one kid who they grew up playing against who went on to the show. If they didn’t make it to the show, maybe they made it to NCAA DI or some other high level of puck while the rest of you are back home playing beer league at 10:30 on a Wednesday night. And over time, the stories about playing against or with those kids starts to change. For a while, you just played against him. Then after a few years go by, it turns into you making him ice the puck. A few more years go by and you change the story to you stripping the puck off of him and taking it down the other end to score a goal. By the time you have kids of your own who are playing against future stars, you played against Connor McDavid and you stripped the puck off of him, took it down the other end of the ice and scored the overtime game winner at nationals. So yeah. Prank or no prank, the “I made him ice the puck” is about as real as it gets.