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Steve Smith Is Very Much Not Here For Jokes At His Expense

Tony Romo’s been getting a lot of credit for his effortless transition from the field to television, bringing a new dynamic to the booth that fans had been waiting for. Well now Steve Smith wants in on that action by being as authentically Steve Smith as humanly possible. Hey Michael Irvin, you think you’re gonna make a little joke about Steve’s pants? Think again, pal. Now you’ve got an ass whooping coming you’re way the next time Steve’s in LA. And these aren’t jokes coming from Steve Smith Sr. as the narrator of this video points out. He’s dead serious. Marshall Faulk is laughing nervously, Irvin is laughing because he feels safe at the moment, 3,000 miles away. You know who wasn’t laughing? Steve Smith. The last emotion on his mind was laughter. His head was spinning like an owl on the prowl for some mice looking for his agent to book him the next flight to LA to deliver those hands expeditiously.