Joe Flacco Entered Concussion Protocol After A Shoulder To The Head From Kiko Alonso

A tough week for PFT just got much tougher after Joe Flacco took a brutal shoulder from Kiko Alonso directly to the head, jarring off his helmet and leaving his visibly dazed. Was the hit dirty? Everything looks worse in slow motion, but Flacco’s not exactly the most fleet of foot individual in the first place so typically just running towards his general direction will probably get him to slide. Maybe not the time to lower the boom. I imagine Alonso will miss some games after this if Goodell really wants to keep up the facade that he gives a shit about player safety.

Also, quick shoutout to Griff Whalen for recovering that ball in the midst of chaos. Just because your quarterback might have just had his brain turned into turtle soup doesn’t mean the game is over. Let your offensive line take care of the brawl, just make sure you still have possession once the dust settles.