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This Lady Trying To Slide Dollar Bills Through The Subway Carousel Is On Another Planet

On. Another. Planet. You gotta Don’t get me wrong, the subway is confusing. I’ve written extensively about how I got lost my first week here. However getting lost is much different than trying to slide dollar bills through the carousel. That’s the behavior of a person who is so fucked up that they’ve completely forgotten how reality functions. There’s a machine nearby that could fix all of her problems yet she is determined to make the world bend to her will. Or she could just hop over the carousel like I’ve seen many daredevils do during my time in the city.

But the real reason I blogged that video is to say this

I have a hot take about the subway. I love it. I think it gets a bad wrap. I’m sick of being part of the herd that simply defaults to calling the subway the worst place in the world. Any time anyone from back home has asked me about living in New York I simply said, “The subway sucks” but I didn’t actually mean it. Yes it’s gross and smells like urine and the homeless people are scary and it’s too crowded. There are certainly negative aspects to it. I’m not denying that. But I think about it like this. I pay $121 a month and that allows me to ride up and down New York City as much as I want. That’s fucking incredible. Mindblowing, even. I can go anywhere I want in the city as much as I want (well every 18 minutes). I don’t have to deal with traffic. I don’t have to deal with chatty Uber drivers. All I have to do is pull out my magical yellow and orange card and I’m free to bound about the greatest city in the world. You’re probably thinking I’ll get sick of it eventually and maybe you’re right. I’ve been here 10 months and I’m not sick of it yet. All I’m saying is the subway is pretty dope when you think about it.