Cultural Fact of the Day: Wearing Pajamas in Public Is a Status Symbol in China


What China considers a status symbol is a far cry from what we consider to symbolize success in the west. For example, while Portnoy always flaunts his bronzed skin in the summer to show off the fact he spends hours lounging by his Nantucket house pool, a Chinese mogul would be flaunting their pasty white skin to show off the fact they haven’t had to work a day on the farm under the blazing sun in their life. In the same vein, Chinese men grow their fingernails long as fuck to appear “rich”,  as someone with long fingernails clearly isn’t toiling in the rice paddies or doing any other sort of manual labor.


Random brands have also become status symbols simply by  jacking up their prices. For instance, Hagen Daaz in China charges five times more for ice cream than it does in the US in order for it to be seen as a  “luxury good” by the general public. Making Bradley Cooper the face of their brand probably didn’t hurt either…that hadnsome smug fucc.


Needless to say, I don’t really fuck with any of these cultural differences, especially the long fingernails. When I’m on the subway and hear some dude’s fingernails doing a tap dance routine on his smart phone I become dangerously close to punching a stranger. I can’t explain it. I’m normally such a mellow dude but it just infuriates me.

HOWEVA, there is one status symbol in China that I fux wit completely and that my friends is, wearing comfy ass pajamas in public. The theory behind this one is that in China, whether it’s morning, afternoon, nighttime, or the weekend. most folks are on the GRIND, except for the individuals you see walking the street in their jammie jumpsuits. Those guys are straight LAMPING. They clearly aren’t working because they clearly don’t need any money because they clearly aren’t a poor. It’s a look that just screams “LOL look at all of you in your Jos A. Banks suits and government issued street sweeper uniforms, I have literally NOTHING to do today. May take a stroll to the market to buy some pork belly and crank a couple hoons but that’s it!”


Pajama man number 9

I mean just look at these absolute ballers.



The best part about this tradition is that there is no reason why I can’t start doing it too. Unlike the cube monkeys back in HQ, who would be publicly ridiculed by El Pres and then plastered all over Stool Scenes for rocking PJs in the office, I still work from home…thousands of miles away. So while I won’t be throwing out my nail clippers or stocking up on skin whitening cream anytime soon, don’t be surprised if you see ya boy stunting on a Tuesday afternoon in a fresh set of Jammies sometime soon, it’s every bloggers dream.  #PJSZN #JammieJanuary