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The Chaps Is Super Nervous For Game 2 Of The World Series LIVE Blog

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 6.50.20 PM

I’m gonna show my baseball smarts and say that the Astros have gotta win this one. Verlander is pitching so that gives me a ton of confidence. He can pitch really well but that the bats have gotta come alive.


We got the same lineup last as last night which doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence. Kershaw effect? Sure. That being said, George Springer has gotta be the catalyst to this team tonight. He has been all damn year. He doesn’t stay in funks for too long so I’m predicting that he gets his lead-off home run tonight.

Brideside: Astros are undefeated on nights that Jose Altuve is awarded the AL Hank Aaron Award. Will that streak continue? I’d bet yes.

1-1 comin.

Anyway, despite what you’ll read on other places, Im not nervous. Im not nervous at all.