Video Of New Orleans Man Causally Cruising Down The Road On A Motorcycle With His DGAF Level Pegged Out


Goodness gracious, folks. I gotta be honest. I thought this poor fella was gonna crash his motorbike into the guardrail. But alas, he zipped down the off-ramp and into the history books as one of the coolest cucumbers the state of Louisiana has ever seen. I thought about what type of soundtrack this guy needs to put on this video to really make it pop. The people talkin just wont do.

May I recommend?

Yep. That’s it, boys. That’s the way to end your little Wednesday at work. Press play on the ole youtube link and enjoy the smooth, Carribean beats of Bobby McFerrin while watching the video again. The troubles of your day will melt away like our pal on the motorcycle. You’ll be weaving your way through your own personal traffic tomorrow at work. Might as well kick up your feet and head down the exit ramp of the today’s troubles. Beautiful. We’re relaxin now, yall. We’re enjoying it. Groovin. Don’t forget to pick up a little sixer on your way home. Game two is on deck and Verlander is on the bump. Good work today. Namaste.

“That was really nice, man. Wish Chaps would have hit us with one more pick-me-up type of song.”

I gotchu.