Get A Load Of This Guy Flexing His Fantasy Football Championship Trophy To Land Girls At The Bar

Yo Michael Rapaport, ya douchetickler, what the hell are you doing? There’s no need to pimp out an accomplishment worth absolutely nothing in the real world in an effort to drop some pants. Wait…my mistake. That’s not Rapaport. If it was he wouldn’t be at the bar. Instead be at home stroking it to his trophy while coughing up a lung and feeling guilty for being white.

I kid, I kid (probably). But what a posterization by this dude for flexing his FF championship trophy like it’s a fucking Oscar for Best Actor. Do you know how this guy did last week in his league? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you. No matter what the conversation is about he will direct it back to himself and his fantasy football team. You could be in an in depth conversation about 19th century art and he’d interject with a “Van Gough’s a cool name. Almost as cool as JuJu Smith-Schuster who waxed the floor for my team last week. Amiiright?” These bros are RELENTLESS. Not to mention the least self aware people on Earth. They make Tex and his confidence seem one with reality. Almost.

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I can’t play, but you can whip up on bums like Rapaport. Seriously. He may be homeless by the time I take away all of his Deep Blue Sea royalties.