Luckiest Woman Ever Pays $60 For A Plane Ticket And Ends Up Being The Only Person On A Flight To Greece

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London (CNN) — We’ve all been there. We board a plane and it’s packed to the hilt. Well, a Scottish woman who was flying to Greece had the opposite experience: She was the only passenger on the 189-seat plane. Karon Grieve, an author from Glasgow in southwest Scotland, told CNN she paid $60 for the Jet2 airlines flight. The journey, she said, felt “totally surreal.” “The crew arrived — the pilot, first officer and the air stewards. And they all knew my name,” she said. “They all came on and said, ‘Hi Karen, how are you?’ They were all laughing and saying I’ve got my own private jet.” Grieve said she struggled to keep her composure because a full plane or not, the crew still had to go through the safety procedures prior to take off. “The girl stood up and was doing the whole thing and she said she had to do it, it’s a legal requirement,” Grieve said. “She had to do the whole thing in front of me, and I was the only one sitting there. “I couldn’t stop laughing. I just keeled over laughing.” The flight on Sunday was the last one from Glasgow to the Greek island of Crete this year. It’s “not unusual for the final outbound flight of the season to have fewer bookings than normal,” a Jet2 spokeswoman told CNN. “We’re delighted that Karon got to experience our VIP customer service,” the spokeswoman said.

Real talk. I’d be naked so fast. Respectfully, of course. Not to make anyone uncomfortable or anything. Just to be free in space where freedom normally goes to die. It’d be my own type of rebellion. Because airplanes and flights are the opposite of freedom. I’ve gotten much more comfortable with flying over the years but I am still not comfortable being around that many people at once. No one is. We are a society full of smartphones and Seamless and Netflix and Uber. We’re trying to get away from people and technology is making it more and more possible every day. Except during airplane travel (unless you’re a billionaire or a mogul smut blogger who owns horses and can charter private jets out of Iowa after calling breakfast pizza too bacony). Airplane travel is one of the few things in 2017 that forces you to be close to complete strangers and it SUCKS. They smell. You smell. We all smell. It’s just a bad situation.

So this lady hit the jackpot. This might be even better than hitting the jackpot actually. People win the lottery all the time. But paying $60 and ending up on a plane by yourself to Greece? Thats like winning 100 lotteries in a row. I’d rather be on a plane by myself than win the lottery. I’d get naked. I’d lay down in every row. I’d run down the aisle swinging my arms around like The Sound Of Music. It’d be awesome. With my luck though, I’d pay $60, end up on an empty plane and it’d crash. Worth it.