Shoot Your Shot: Lane Kiffin is Recruiting Lamar Jackson to FAU Via Twitter

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You’ve gotta respect the hustle here by Lane. FAU is 4-3 on the season, but are winners of four of their last five games, with the offense riding high, so this is the time to shoot your shot. In FAU’s last game against North Texas they scored on each of their first 11 drives. I mean holy fuck that’s some offense porn if I’ve ever heard of one. Maybe enough to entice one of the more electrifying quarterbacks in the country? Shoot your shot Lane.

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Jackson is a Florida native who grew up just outside Boca Raton, where FAU is located, so there’s actually a bit of something here possibly. The Louisville athletic program is in complete and utter shambles lately, so if Jackson decides he wants to stay one more year before entering the NFL maybe FAU is the move? If his plan is to be an NFL quarterback then maybe entering with this class isn’t the smoothest of ideas as it’s filled with guys like Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield etc. It might not be the worst of ideas to hit up Kiffin and just absolutely dominate Conference USA and put up the most video game numbers possible. I mean there’s a case to be made if Jackson decides to return.

I’m not entirely sure how NCAA rules work, but tweeting directly at players to leave their program and come join yours has to be a recruiting violation. Kiffin should be well aware of the do’s and don’ts with recruiting by now. Just slide in the DMs next time Lane, come on you know that’s the more successful route with anything.

P.S. You gotta love this troll job of Bama he quote tweeted yesterday. Grudge Lane never stops.