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I Now Understand Cultural Appropriation After "Dancing With The Stars" Had A Hockey Themed Dance

In all my years, I’ve never been more offended by anything. This shit has my blood boiling right now. I’m seriously contemplating taking a trip up to wherever they film DWTS and feeding fists to everybody who had anything to do with the production of this monstrosity. And I know some people may think I’m overreacting a bit but when you take “stick, gloves, shirt” and turn it into this nonsense?

Then obviously I’m going to be a little pissed. I mean, do they not even realize how offensive they’re being? I never really took the phrase “cultural appropriation” seriously before because it was never my culture that was being appropriated. But when I see a couple of dorks try to turn my sport into some sexy little tango?

I simply cannot just sit here quietly and watch it happen. It starts with just one routine on Dancing With The Stars. Next thing you know, you’ve got everybody at dance schools across the country dressing up in hockey face for Halloween. It’s deplorable. My people have been playing hockey for far too long for it to just become some wacky little dance routine on a show that your mom watches on Monday nights.

P.S. – This shot fucking sucked. Try getting the puck off the ice one time for me, ya bender.