There Are Rumors Swirling That Joe Girardi Is Out As The Yankees Manager

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Okay BIG news is swirling around the interwebs today. From what I’m gathering it seems like Joe Girardi will not be back as the New York Yankees manager next year. Now nothing is official, but I have a few sources right now that are telling me Girardi is not coming back. The source here knows someone who is close to the situation with Girardi and at the moment I believe him. (I had full permission to post this DM)

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These are along with a few other DMs of people with knowledge of the situation that I’ve gotten today saying very similar stuff. It all kind of makes sense. Girardi obviously went through the ringer this past year which came to an extreme with his fuck-up in the Indians series. The team certainly rallied around him, but it could possibly be that all of this was too much for Joe. He’s a devoted family man and sits down with them at the end of each season to discuss if he should manage the following year. Joe is 53, easily one of the best managers in all of baseball and I absolutely don’t want him to walk away. But I wouldn’t blame him if he did. Certainly he micro-manages a ton. However when you look across the grand scheme of baseball, he’s easily in the top tier. So if the rumors are indeed true and Girardi is gone (I believe he is) who steps in?

If God is truly great he’ll bless us with this man.

A-Rod is great with the players and knows the game so well. The way he breaks things down on Fox is truly incredible. It’s almost too much of a dream come true to happen, especially this quick out of retiring from baseball. But who knows. The other name that comes to mind is Jason Giambi. He’s already been rumored to have an interest in coaching. When he was with the Indians at the end of his career, Francona raved about how good he was in the clubhouse and brought him back to become an instructor. He would also be a great fit. There are a ton of people that would throw their name in the hat because this Yankees team is a young, up and coming team that just made it to Game 7 of the ALCS. There’s a lot to be sorted out if these rumors actually come to fruition as anything can truly happen. I hope he stays, but buckle up because there’s a good chance the Yankees and Red Sox will be going into next year with new managers.

If more news leaks out today I’ll be sure to update this blog.