Tyler Seguin, Undercover Lax Bro

A few weeks ago, Adidas put out this commercial on Twitter and you randomly see Tyler Seguin just laxin’ it up.

At the time, I didn’t think too much of it. Adidas is still relatively new to the lacrosse scene and they have some gear to push. What better way sell some lax gear than by sneaking a lacrosse ad into a hockey ad? Seemed like the perfect crime. Nothing more, nothing less. That is, of course, until we take a look at one of Seguin’s most recent Instagram stories.


What do we see here, people? Well we see 64 pairs of shoes which seems just a tad excessive but who am I to judge? We see a couple of bags. Some shirts/jackets on hangers. And wait! What do we have there in the corner? Not just one, but two (2) lacrosse sticks. And they’re not just two lacrosse sticks lying around anywhere in his home, previously seen on “The Life” presented by Barstool Sports. But they are two lacrosse sticks placed in seemingly the most important room in the dojo. The giant walk-in closet with the enormous shoe collection.

And now you may be wondering to yourself, “Hey Jordie, you jackass, what’s the point here”. Well it’s more of a symbolic point than anything which would explain why you mouth breathers don’t get it already. But what this is, is yet another blow to the haters and the losers. A direct shot to all the people who constantly shout from the mountain tops that nobody cares about lacrosse. Because what this shows is that lacrosse players are everywhere. We are in the NHL.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.45.20 AM

We are in the NFL.



We are in the NBA.


One by one these athletes are already coming forward to pledge their allegiance to the sport. Soon enough, all of professional sports will be nothing but former lacrosse players. Perhaps it will be then that everybody realizes that you should have taken us seriously from the start.

h/t Grinnelli