Andrew Wiggins Called Game

Poor Melo. Guy finally gets out of New York. He’s in front of his new fans, hits a big shot, Chesapeake Energy Arena is going bananas, and then Maple Jordan takes out a dagger and stabs everyone in the building in the heart. Did he call bank? In the eternal words of Paul Pierce, “I called game.”

Some people (Melo, Thunder fans, general misanthropes of the modern world) are saying Karl-Anthony Towns set an illegal screen which sprung Wiggins free and allowed him to get that open look. These are the same people who call the NBA soft because there are too many whistles and get upset when Christmas specials are on TV before Thanksgiving. Pay them no mind, it was a hard screen, it was bang bang, it was good ball.

But on another note, what a big dick shot for Andrew Wiggins. One of the most hated players in the advanced analytics communities, Wiggins has also been knocked for appearing too apathetic over the years. So far, three games into this season, he’s been anything but. And in an early season marquee matchup like this against another presumed Western power he may have been the most impressive player on the court, between monstrous posters, dazzling spin moves, and the walk-off game winner. The West remains a dog fight all day every day every which way from October through May. If Wiggins can keep this up, the Wolves just became much more terrifying in the here and now.