Boogie Cousins And Draymond Green Will Undoubtedly Throw Fists Before Season's End

Draymond and Boogie were going at it all night. It started with an early push from Draymond after some shenanigans instigated by Boogie and only got more and more physical as the game went on.

Then Cousins got subbed out, words were briefly exchanged, and before you know it Boogie’s calling Draymond a bitch while contemplating moseying back onto the court, likely to call him a bitch yet again. NBA fights are few and far between since the Malice at the Palace, but these two are probably the most prime candidates to swing at a given moment as anyone in the Association.

I know Draymond’s viewed as a fake tough guy ever since he went on a dick-kicking rampage a few years back, but that dude’s from Saginaw. He absolutely believes he can beat the bag out of anyone and everyone, wherever, whenever. But Boogie enters this potential bout at -220 as the clear favorite. Size advantage, reach advantage, has the Mobile, Alabama, country strong advantage. This scrap wouldn’t last long but it’d be worth watching nevertheless.

And don’t expect this to blow over. They were still chirping each other up until the final buzzer. What we really need is for this to be the 1v8 matchup in the Western Conference Playoffs. That could get gnarly quick and in a hurry.

PS – This little girl will never be the same again after witnessing this altercation up close and personal. Pure shock and horror swept across her face with every word Draymond and Boogie exchanged.